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Family Home

Providing a safe home environment for children

The first Family home was established in 2006, before TICC was built. It was started due to the increase of orphans after the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Today low income or disabilities can also leave a family and their children in difficult living conditions. Drug addiction among parents is one of the new reasons for children needing a safe family home. Without economic aid or a safe home environment most children in these situations will never go to school, have a good and safe upbringing and in worst case not survive.


Of the population lives below the poverty line


Of Tanzanian homes have at least 1 member with a disability


Aids related deaths in 2017

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Homes for different needs

TICC has built four family homes: Magdalena Home, Bahati House, Fatuma House and Harriet's Children's home. Two of these, Fatuma and Harriet's, are still operated by us.

In Magdalena Home, all children except one, are studying or have already finished their education and got a job. They all get support from our Education Support program, and the youngest is living with his uncle and grandmother in Tanga.

Bahati House is taken over and run by one of TICC's former volunteers. She has established a Norwegian Foundation which runs The Home of Bahati.

Meet Julia

Together we are creating lasting change in Tanga. Our local heroes work tirelessly every day with the community to educate, ease suffering and complete projects that together have a huge impact on the lives of the poorest in Tanzania.

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Each of the Family Homes are run by a house parent who looks after the children in the home, the same way any good parent would. The numbers of the children in our homes are 5-8, so to avoid any sort of “institutional feeling”. The homes provide a family like environment which is safe, peaceful, full of love and free from discrimination.

Some of the children who have lived in our homes from a young age have finished their education, got their degree and are now looking after themselves. Many of them are working as leaders and programs responsible at TICC and HAMA. We are grateful to all our generous sponsors and donors in Norway, who support our Family Homes.

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Children with disabilities

Harriet’s Children Home is specifically for disabled children and their mothers. As well as helping taking care of the child's different needs we also help the mothers learn new skills and find activities to earn income. Some of our most memorable moments have taken place in Harriet’s Children Home where we have seen disabled children learn to walk and talk, and the faces of their mothers with new hope for the future.

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Helping the mothers estabilish a basic income securing the future for mother and child.
All kinds of necklaces, in all kinds of colors and patterns
Caregivers and children in the family home